Photograph Inside a Sheet of Sandblasted and Drilled 19mm Glass

Jack is just a lighting genius. Give him a few LEDs, some pieces of street furniture or industrial scrap and he will come back, probably later that afternoon, with a lit sculpture that is invariably jaw-droppingly beautiful. He never fails to surprise in the way he marries materials and ideas and has an uncanny knack for knowing how something will really come alive when light is played into it.

He started his career 40 years ago as a traditional stained glass artist and has subsequently developed many novel techniques for relief sandblasting of glass. He incorporated illumination into his pieces about 25 years ago and has subsequently built up a flourishing production studio producing sculptures, installations and architectural lighting design. He sends work all over the world and notable recent commissions include Damien Hirst, Dubai airport and Jamie Olivers Montys.

jack wimperis
Panorama - Colour Changing LED
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