Edge Lit Glass Panels

Sandblasted low iron glass panels.

Lit with LEDs through the edge of the glass.

Showing different masking and sandblasting methods.

Liquid Sandblast Resist
blue green sandblasted depth carved disk
Wheel Engraved Masking
Torn Plastic Masking
heavy sandblasted ripped glass disk
Wheel Engraved Snowflake
Hand Cut Sandblasted Moon
Edge Lit Frosted Porthole
Sandblasted Lace
Brilliant Cutting on Domed Glass
Brilliant cut domed glass edge lit wall light
Brilliant Cut Star Wall Light 19mm Low Iron Glass
brilliant cut star sandblasted wall light
brilliant cut star wall light
Torn Plastic Resist Lit Bathroom Window
Edge Lit Perspex Disks in Office Wall
Edge lit perspex wall disk
Lit perspex disks in office wall
Center Lit Sandblasted Glass Disk
center lit sandblasted glass disk
Hand Cut Sandblasted Islamic Design
Edge Lit  Lightning Table
edge lit table sandblasted with lightening and lit with addresable pixel LEDs
Lit Bathroom Window - centre cut Lens