Wall Lights

All forms of wall lighting. 

Small spring lights, decorative slabs of sandblasted glass and giant two metre side lit textured disks.

Spring Lights
Spring wall lights
Flocked Dome
Perforated Cylinder 
Perforated cylinder LED wall light
Perforated cylinder red LEDwall light
Slab Glass LED Wall Lights
Heavy depthcarved slab glass wall lights
heavy sandblasted wall led wall light
Torn Glass Wall Light
Brilliant Cut Star Domed Glass Wall Light
Brilliant Cut Star Wall Light
Heavy Sandblasted Wall Light
Wiggly Neon in Blue
neon wall light in blue
Centre Lit Glass Disk Wall Light
sandblasted glass disk center lit wall light
Fibre Optic Sandblasted Acrylic
fiber optic sandblasted acrillic wall light
Side Lit Textured Disk with Centre Lens
Copper Tube Wall Lights with Gas Tap Dimmer Switch
copper tube wall light
Book Light Switch